Helping together

In Slovakia there has been a unique system in play when 2% of income tax of companies are being used for charity and philanthropy purposes according to the tax payer´s individual preferences.

In spring 2015 the government aimed to discontinue the system or at least decrease the percentage of tax assignation to a minimum.

Our client, The Philantrophy Center in Slovakia, representing the NGO sector, reached out to our agency for help. Our aim was to convince the government officials that a sudden change in the system without knowing what´s going to be the next step, would seriously endanger many community-service projects and existence of many NGOs. Together with opinion-makers from Slovakia´s non-profit sector we executed a campaign HELPING TOGETHER and within a short period of time (2 months) from launching the campaign we managed to convince media as well as public and the state representatives that the 2% income tax assignation system must be preserved until an alternative solution materializes as a result of comprehensive public debate.